La Verveine


Objects of Art and Decoration

Art objects have been selected, of national and foreign well-known and emergent authors, such as; oils, watercolors, engravings and sculptures.
In “La Verveine" the client will be able to find selected objects, of classic and contemporary lines, the latest in design, along with one complete accessory in decoration.
Also customer can order a specific object.
Objects like paints, wool photography’s, sculptures, carpets, furniture, lamps, vase, among others..

We offer special gifts considering low prices and unique pieces, maintaining a high quality level for special moments.

Clothes & Accessories

It is not the objective of the store for selling clothes; nevertheless, in trips and visits to art centers, the owner has found excellent and unique articles and accessories, with noble materials as of silk, alpaca, vicuna and pashmira, been already true works of art. It is for this reason, which she has decided to have a sector from the store to articles and exclusive accessories of flow-invoices artists. Between these, numerous goldsmiths will show their creations.

“La Verveine" will be an encounter space between those who create and look for art.
A place where be able to accede to beautiful and exclusive works of art, crafts and decoration of Chile and the world.
Objects of high quality, unique design and noble materials created by emergent and consecrated artists. In addition objects of decoration will be offered selected by their owner where the clients will find gifts, weaves, jewellery, ceramics and many others, with reasonable prices and in a place of easy access.

La Verveine

Two years ago the idea was born to create an encounter space between those who create and who look for art. Where artist and buyer obtain a price just. That the art is not exclusive feature for an economic elite, and that the artistic talents are evaluated.
In a globalised world, with more and more access to goods of all type, the art pieces cannot be commercialized along with objects of massive production. These require a special treatment.
The name “La Verveine” is the translation to the French of “the verbena”, grass of exquisite fragrance, well-known from the Antiquity as sacred plants, by its medicinal virtues.
This Web site will exhibit the objects and will introduce to the potential buying in the origin of the same, with a brief review of the author.
Her owner travels constantly to cross artistic and historical centers, visiting factories, fairs and exhibitions of art, with the purpose to offer to our customers new expressions on art and decoration from Chile and the world.

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